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STAYIN' ALIVE offers to their audiences the songs and sights of a full Bee Gees play list, singing blockbusters such as "Night Fever", "Jive Talkin'", "How Deep Is Your Love", "You Should Be Dancing", "Nights on Broadway", and "Stayin' Alive". In addition, they perform softer poetic ballads such as "I Started a Joke", "Massachusetts", "Fanny Be Tender", "Words", and "To Love Somebody" among other great hits.

STAYIN' ALIVE is the largest and most definitive production of its kind, offering big screen video clips, photos and dazzling imagery. STAYIN' ALIVE has played intimate settings as a six piece band and huge venues with a 62 piece orchestra. STAYIN' ALIVE is the quintessential tribute band to the Bee Gees, capturing the excitement of live performance and the tender subtleties of the human voice!
(Barry Gibb, Lead and Backing Vocals & Guitar)

Tony has played with numerous other tribute bands and is a veteran on the Toronto music scene. It is rare to find any singer who can attempt the vocal styling and tone of Barry Gibb. "Barry has such a unique and identifiable voice", Tony states, "and I take great pride that night after night the audience embraces my translation of Barry's character. Barry is truly one of the greatest vocalists of our time."
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